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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Java Games Mobidogs

You have always wanted a dog, a cute pal who would be at your side sharing your joy and your pain… Unfortunately, for whatever reason, you never got your little friend. Mobidogs is made for you! Now you can finally share all the life experiences that you want with your dog of choice.

Incredibly realistic, Mobidogs is a true simulation of raising a dog on mobile. Your dog possesses several unique personal traits such as intelligence, affection, health… that will vary according to the relationship that you develop with your canine friend. The simulation offers a range of possibilities; naturally you will be able to walk your dog, but you will also experience all the fun of interaction with activities like the obstacle course or playing fetch. For some serious exercise, you can bring your dog to the country to work as a shepherd dog in the middle of a herd of unruly sheep. But before getting to that stage, you will have to train and care for your dog with regular healthy feeding, bathing, and grooming…

- Realistic graphics that will stick perfectly to your image of your favorite breed.
- Various activities to share: obstacle courses, fetch in the park, going for walks…
- Detailed control of your dog’s characteristics.
- Your dog´s mood will vary depending on the attention you give.
- Unlimited game lifespan.
- The first true canine simulation on mobile.

If you like Mobidogs, be on the lookout, new breeds will be arriving regularly for even more fun!